AMIAD FILTRATION– Municipal, industrial and agricultural filtration systems FILTOMAT – Municipal and industrial filtration systems
ARKAL – Agricultural and industrial filtration systems TROJAN UV – UV water treatment municipal sector
AQUAFINE UV – UV water treatment industrial sector VIQUA – UV water treatment residential sector
Helma Water Management – Flow and Leak Detection plus Data Collection EOX – ClO2 – Chlorination, disinfection
MIXRITE – TEFEN – Non-electric dosing pumps AQUA SOFT NATURAL – Natural water purification technology
INNOVA MARINCO R.O. – Membrane Systems TERMINTER GROUP – Water & Wastewater Purification
TRIPLE-T – Green technology systems, ecological wastewater treatment MAPAL GREEN ENERGY – New aeration technology
AQWISE – Innovative solutions for wastewater treatment YWCT – Cooling towers
AQUAMAOF – Organic Aquaculture modern technology AGRIGO – Agricultural turn-key projects
COSMETAL – Profetional water coolers NOGAWATER – Domestic water filtration
DEGREMONT TECHNOLOGIES – OZONE & UV filtration systems World Water WorksAdvanced DAF units from USA
JURBY – Pure water filtration for the energy sector NIROSOFT – Containerized water filtration for all sectors
P.T.H. – Water improver AMCORTEC – Renewable Energy
PRIMOZONE – Ozone Generators  MINIMISE & L.E.D – Reducing Carbon Emission
ODISS Filtering Ltd  GREENER GATEWAY – Solar P.V. & L.E.D.
Keller Druck – On Line Sensors  BALL TECH – Filtration and De Scaling of Heat Exchangers
SIGMA HLOROGEN – Advanced “Green” Chlorination Systems ROCHEM – Separation Systems – Rescues Water From Waste