Municipal solutions

Sophisticated municipal wastewater treatment is already the norm in the developed world. However, two main problems pose a growing challenge to existing water and wastewater treatment plants:

  • Rapid urbanization and growing populations worldwide often cause unforeseen growth in the quantities of wastewater to be treated by existing facilities;
  • Increasingly stringent effluent requirements require plants to remove pollutants (especially nutrients) which were not necessarily considered in the original plant design.

In many cases, existing treatment systems are either intrinsically unable to meet these two challenges, or require addition of reactors and other process volumes which call for expensive civil works and space which may not be available in the existing plant location.

EVROPRO offers simple, cost-effective solutions for both of these problems, and allows municipal plants to both increase their treatment capacity and upgrade the effluent quality with minimal civil works and little or no added treatment volume.


In the interest of balancing public safety and environmental protection with the need for effective disinfection, many wastewater utilities have adopted new customized solutions instead of old ones. So we come to offer the most advanced technologies in order to renew our client’s plants.

With the modernization of the world we live in, we assist to the changing needs of the people regarding this vital element, water. Modernization brings us also an increasing number of pathogens that previously did not exist, therefore, outdated sewage treatment plants are not well prepared from a technical standpoint to meet the demands.

Drinking Water

EVROPRO offers the most advanced technologies in the world for safeguarding drinking water from harmful micro organisms, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The technology that we use also has the benefit of not compromising the taste, colour or odour of water.
New government legislation is changing the way communities look at safeguarding their drinking water supplies. Municipalities are responding by supplementing their systems with other forms of disinfection in a strategy known as “multi-barrier protection.” Another key consideration is cost, and we take them all into consideration.