Agriculture solutions

Talking about water treatment and waste water treatment, EVROPRO’s wide range of solutions are designed to meet every need, from independent farmers to large agricultural co-ops. In order to achieve our goal, we provide various technologies, according to the specific needs of our client, with maximum efficiency.

In addition, EVROPRO’s systems for effluent water reuse ensure that all waste water can be treated and safely reused for the irrigation of fruits and vegetables.

Automatic Filters

Uninterrupted water supply: the filter cleans itself in just seconds without interrupting downstream flow; Flexibility of control options: hydraulically or electronically controlled units; Wide range of filtration degrees: from 3500 to 2 micron.

Semi automatic Filters

Upgrading a manual filter to semi-automatic operation eliminates the need for turning-off the water and extracting the filter screen for rinsing, with the semi-automatic assembly the process flow is not interrupted during operation.