About Us

In an increasingly crowded world, the need for clean water concerns everyone who wishes to sustain our quality of life. Water quality worldwide is deteriorating rapidly together with the wealth of the population, but the number of people is increasing. These factors point to an increasing market for environmentally safe and clean products in the future. People demand better quality products to improve the quality of life – and these products require clean and sterile water supply.

Established in 2000, EVROPRO specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of advanced water and wastewater treatment systems.

EVROPRO provides outstanding water treatment technologies through customized solutions, innovative and dependable products, quality service and reliable customer support.

Combining creative solutions with practical applications, EVROPRO provides optimal solutions for every need, meeting the changing requirements and needs of diverse customers, in industrial, commercial, municipal, aquaculture and agricultural sectors worldwide.

This being said, we try to deliver clean water using clean technology and in order to achieve our goal, we provide various technologies, according to the specific needs of our client.

Using the vast experience of our partners who are market leaders in water treatment business, EVROPRO combines high-quality standards, prompt delivery, cost effective solutions, and high-efficiency systems for all the markets.